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Solace specialises in art psychotherapy, which delves deeper into one’s inner self and past trauma to process and heal from the emotional pain that aids in developing a healthier self and improving overall well-being.

Art psychotherapy is a type of treatment that makes use of visual art to facilitate sustainable healing and personal growth. It is an effective way to overcome childhood trauma and mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and other challenges. Art psychotherapy can be used to help people express themselves in a safe and creative way. It can also be used to help people process and understand their emotions.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is an evidence-based mental health profession that utilises visual art and other creative media that facilitates non-verbal communication. It is used to help develop self-awareness, self-esteem, social skills and anxiety management techniques. read more

 Who is it for?

Our experienced team of registered art psychotherapists helps adults and youth embark on their journey of healing from past painful experiences and self-discovery.

How do I start?

We provide art psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to help you work through your difficulties and mental health struggles. WhatsApp or Contact Us to get in touch.



Since 2018, these are the number of people we have impacted through our services and the difference we have made in Singapore:


through our workshops, webinars, and events conducted for the general public and various organisations

Lives Impacted

through individual and group art psychotherapy sessions for youths and adults with complex trauma


reached through training and events for professionals in the mental health field in Singapore



Buvi and her team advocate mental wellness and empower their clients with mental health management skills through art psychotherapy. Solace, a professional practice and recognised social enterprise, was established to contribute to the field of mental health care.

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Buvenasvari Pragasam, MA, AThS

MA Art Therapy, BA Psychology
Managing Director, Principal Art Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor

Boo Xu Ning, MA, AThS

MA Art Therapy, BA Psychology
Senior Art Psychotherapist

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Here are some testimonials from clients regarding our services.

"Today's session made me realise how much emotions I had within me still as I thought it wasn't affecting me cause I thought I was used to it. After today I see the need to face these emotions and issues I still have and find ways I can work better on them."

- Client's sharing after an individual art psychotherapy session

"Love the session and the small group size. Feels intimate and the space is set up so we feel safe and are able to share comfortably."

- Participant's sharing on Insights into Art Therapy & Self

"I learnt that I have become more willing to step out of my comfort zone to share about my struggles and trauma. In today's session I felt that I may be experiencing a transformation/renewal in my life. People may have layers within them in their lives and I believe they should be recognised."

- Client's sharing after an individual art psychotherapy session

"Thank you sosososo much it's my first step understanding and learning about what art can do to human. I just want to express how much I appreciate it as coming here has became one of my highlight / pivoting point to my "working towards passion / career" life. Thank you for staying with us after the session to answer and discuss with us our 100000000 questions on art therapy and being open in sharing insights."

- Participant's sharing on Insights into Art Therapy & Self

"Thank you for the enriching and life-changing therapy sessions. I am grateful I got to do this for myself."

- Client's sharing after an individual art psychotherapy session


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We are here for you.

Reach out to us via email through our Contact page or WhatsApp +65 9459 2044 to find out how we can help you improve your quality of life today. Your health matters to us, whether mental or otherwise.

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Art Psychotherapy Singapore

Art therapy sessions at our centre go beyond the psychological services that one usually encounters. This form of psychotherapy provides a unique art-making process that supports mental health.

Art therapy balances both the technical and creative aspects of art making. It uses techniques in professional art and incorporates creativity by utilizing a variety of art materials. In a session, our mental health professionals build a therapeutic relationship with the client to anchor a genuine connection between both parties and the artwork, forming a triangular relationship that is unique to art therapy. With this, clients can seamlessly explore their emotions without worrying about their emotional safety, making the experience more authentic and enjoyable.

If you would like to experience the many life-changing benefits that art psychotherapy brings, Solace is here to support you all throughout your journey. We are an experienced and established service provider of art therapy in Singapore, offering our services to youth and adults in individual and group sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)