A Winter’s Journey: Music Recital

A Winter's Journey

2-4 December 2022

A Winter's Journey: Music Recital

In 2022, the VocaSong Ensemble and Solace Art Psychotherapy collaborated to organize a unique Music Recital and Art Exhibition that aimed to raise awareness about the positive impact of the arts on mental health. The event was a resounding success, and we are grateful for the overwhelming support we received from everyone who attended. Although the preparations for the event were demanding and time-consuming, the effort was well worth it as we were able to promote the incredible benefits of art therapy.

A special shoutout to the Minister Counsellor of the Angola Embassy, Mr. Estevão Alberto, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to grace us with his presence and support. His presence was a huge encouragement for small social enterprises like us to keep doing what we do and spread the power of art therapy and mental health.

Once again, thank you all for making Winter's Journey a success! 🙏