We provide trauma-informed art psychotherapy to both youths and adults. Based on our experiences, we have established a framework that has proven to be successful in processing our clients' struggles in a safe and non-intrusive manner over time.

Our service rates are:

Each session is up to 90 minutes long. Absolutely no artistic skills or prerequisites are needed for our psychotherapy sessions.

Senior Art Psychotherapist:

Principal Art Psychotherapist:



Are you looking to improve your quality of living? Do you feel life constantly throws you a curveball? Are your emotions all over the place? Or perhaps you are looking to embark on a journey of personal development and self-discovery?

No matter the problem you face, our certified art therapists are ready to journey with you to help you process your issues, heal from your wounds and grow to become an emotionally resilient individual and live an empowered life.

At Solace, some of the common problems we see our adult clients are related to:

  • Constant feelings of shame, stress, depression and anxiety;
  • Inferior complexity, imposter syndrome;
  • Feeling stuck in a toxic and abusive relationship;
  • Having no purpose in life;
  • Putting others before self all the time;
  • Overwhelmed with work and daily responsibilities;
  • Being burned out and tired but unable to sleep.

Our therapists have extensive experience working with clients in such circumstances and can help you overcome yours too.

We understand that it can be nerve-racking to step forward and seek help.

Rest assured, we value your privacy and pride ourselves in establishing a safe and non-judgemental space so you can explore and process any issues or challenges you face.



“Why do I feel misunderstood?”

“I feel depressed.”

“I want to kill myself but am afraid to die.”

“How do I stop self-harm?”

It is common to struggle with expectations of maturity, yet feel like a child.

At 11 to 25 years old, youths experience significant physical, social and mental changes.

Transiting between schools and academic levels, taking high stakes examinations and making definitive choices on career education and training can take a toll on a teen's mental health when there is already so much on their plate to handle.

This phase of life is a constant journey towards finding and defining self-identity.

Psychological studies show that only when you have attained a stable identity can you go on to achieve the next stage of maturity - forming secure and intimate relationships. Failing to achieve these may result in feelings of loneliness and emotional isolation.

Some of the challenges youths may experience are:

  • Stress or anxiety due to bullying or negative friendships;
  • Exposure or victims of violence, abuse or social stigma;
  • Pressure from family or friends;
  • Distressing events such as the divorce of parents or loss of a loved one;
  • Anxious and uncertain about the future;
  • Transitioning from familial dependence to independence;
  • Dealing with relationships and turbulent emotions.

How can art psychotherapy help?

In art psychotherapy, the therapist works in partnership with a client to develop solutions to the challenges faced. Clients are given the freedom to fully express themselves in a safe and non-judgmental space, and begin the process of healing.

Everything that is verbally or visually shared with the therapist are valuable insights that help increase self-awareness and develop resilience.

Our art psychotherapists are trained to guide you through every step of the way.

We will ease you gently into the art-making process during the therapy session to ensure you are comfortable and have a better understanding of what to expect during therapy. Through our guidance, we are confident that you will be able to identify and work through your difficulties and emerge stronger and empowered.

This video will give you an idea of what to expect during your first art psychotherapy session with us:

We are here for you. Reach out to us via email through our Contact page or WhatsApp +65 9459 2044 to find out how we can help you improve your quality of life today.