Best in Singapore – Psychotherapy Services (Solace Art Psychotherapy)

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We are heartened to share that we have been featured in Best in Singapore‘s list of clinics with the best psychotherapy services in Singapore.

Solace Art Psychotherapy provides art therapy services in a safe and confidential space. Our registered art therapists specialise in addressing difficult experiences such as:

  • loss of a loved one or pet
  • toxic friendships or family dynamics
  • unhealthy relationships
  • past school or present workplace bullying
  • miscarriage
  • divorce/break-ups
  • being in high-stress environments
  • academic or workplace pressures
  • abuse (physical, emotional, verbal, mental or sexual)
  • major illness and surgeries
  • witnessing violence or accidents
  • discrimination (gender, race, religion, health, etc)
  • neglect

Recounting such experiences repeatedly and invasively can be difficult and may result in emotional re-flooding. Through art psychotherapy, we are able to facilitate non-verbal communication using art as a tool; access these experiences in a non-intrusive or intimidating manner; and at a safe distance.

Click here to learn more about why art psychotherapy is one of the best modalities in addressing such past difficult experiences from a neurological perspective.

Our art therapists are experienced and trained to gently ease clients into the intuitive art-making process. Through our facilitation and support, clients are able to identify and work through difficulties and emerge stronger and empowered.

We are located at Novena Regency and are available for both onsite and online sessions. We offer individual and group art therapy sessions for youths and adults, as well as workshops and seminars for corporate clients and organisations.

For more information on our services, email or WhatsApp us.