Clinical supervision is a necessity for all practising mental health professionals. Therapists undertake essential supervision to provide better support for themselves and their clients.

To better enable learning

We conduct weekly clinical supervision for all therapists, to pursue improvement through casework sharing and discussions with experienced and trained supervisors. This ensures that clients are consistently receiving the best support.

Client confidentiality

To maintain client confidentiality and data integrity, informed consent is first sought and pseudonyms are generated - we ensure that no personal information leading to clients' identities are disclosed at any time.

Achieve better clinical outcomes

Having professional art therapists with a wealth of experience conduct clinical supervision adds new and unique perspectives for our therapists, which help them shed light on the therapeutic work they do with our clients and achieve better clinical outcomes.

We provide clinical supervision for fellow mental health professionals. Our rates are as follows:

Individual Clinical Supervision:
$100 for 1-hour
$30 for every additional 30 minutes

Group Clinical Supervision:
$80 for 2-hours
(It is recommended to form your own group of 4 mental health professionals per group)

For more information, reach out to us via email through our Contact page or WhatsApp +65 9459 2044 to find out how we can help you provide better support for yourself and your clients.