Corporate Social Responsibility Singapore

Corporate Social Responsibility Singapore

Solace is part of the ecosystem of businesses for good at raiSE Singapore, actively working towards Corporate Social Responsibility. As a social enterprise, Solace is driven by clear social goals to meet the gaps and needs of mental health and well-being of the population in Singapore. To address the complex societal issue of mental health in Singapore, Solace seeks collaborative and meaningful partnerships between businesses, social enterprises and non-profit organisations to explore innovative solutions and sustainable change.

Since 2018, Solace has impacted and journeyed alongside 6,509 people through our services in Singapore:

  • 6,038 outreach – through our workshops, webinars, and events conducted for the general public and various organisations both locally and globally
  • 245 lives were impacted through individual art psychotherapy sessions
  • 226 professionals reached through training for professionals in the mental health field

Mental health is a crucial issue and one that needs to be addressed at all levels of our community in Singapore, and Solace is committed to meeting the gaps in Singapore's mental health services for underserved populations.

Corporate giving activities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way companies, businesses and stakeholders commit and focus on sustainable practices and impact to care for the environment and our society in Singapore. It helps companies to gain trust and respect, build a reputation, and make a positive and beneficial impact on society.

Giving back in a way that feels most meaningful to you.

As a social enterprise advocating to improve the mental health and well-being of individuals through the use of trauma-informed art psychotherapy, Solace seeks collaborative partnerships to increase the accessibility of art psychotherapeutic services for beneficiaries in need.

We value corporate partners who can play a part in supporting and building Solace's capacity to reach out and provide art psychotherapy services for underserved communities in Singapore. We are open to creative and meaningful CSR programs and partnerships with local NGOs, businesses, the government, academics, and the media to identify areas for effective collaboration.

How can we collaborate and form meaningful partnerships?

Corporate giving events

Here are some ways that you can partner with us and make giving an integral part of your organisation's or company culture:

1) Start a corporate fund to raise awareness for mental health and to provide art psychotherapy services for an underserved population.

Gather your team of colleagues in the office to dive deeper into mental health awareness and advocacy by kickstarting a fundraising campaign in support of mental health and art psychotherapy. The funds raised can also be put into providing art psychotherapy services for a population of your choice.

2) Non-profit organisations (NPOs), voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and schools working directly with beneficiaries in need of mental health support, can reach out to us for trauma-informed art psychotherapy services.

In collaboration with philanthropy, Solace seeks to bridge funding for beneficiaries in need through intentional partnerships and financing between companies, organisations, foundations, NPOs, and VWOs.

3) Volunteer to share with us your corporate expertise, skills, knowledge and resources to support our team of art psychotherapists.

Solace is seeking to grow our capacity and sustain our practice as a social enterprise in the field of mental health.

We are open to discussing and exploring corporate involvement through various volunteering opportunities. If you would like to contribute your time and resources through volunteering and have a passion for mental health, write to us. Solace is currently seeking both long-term and short-term commitment for volunteers in areas of:

Research and Communication
  • Review published research and articles on art therapy and mental health to write and edit pieces for Solace's website and other communication channels
  • For volunteers keen on mental health and evidence-based research looking to understand the advocacy and communications function at a social enterprise with a flair in writing, undertake communication projects for Solace
Data analysis
  • To inform strategy and business development of a social enterprise model
  • To contribute in data management and analysis of impact measurement of change
Marketing campaigns and creative content
  • Content creators. We value videographers, designers and creative individuals keen on using your skillsets to work on campaigns to advocate for brighter prospects for art psychotherapy and mental health
  • Reduce stigma of seeking mental health support by engaging the general audience through creative messaging and projects
Any other type of volunteer roles partnerships
  • Solace's vision and ethos are to increase investment and active implementation of art psychotherapy as an evidence-based practice for psychological support and well-being in Singapore. We hope to achieve the above through innovative and intentional partnership. Hence, if you and your team have any volunteering and or pro-bono idea in mind, we are more than happy to discuss them with you.

4) Pay it forward and sponsor a client's mental health journey.

For individuals who may not have a support system or are financially challenged, individual and corporate giving through sponsorships and financial means can be an impactful way to give back to the community in Singapore.

5) Advocate for mental health within your organisation and explore Solace's Employee Assistance Programme with your organisation's HR.

Corporations requiring mental health services and art psychotherapy services for staff can reach out to us.

Mendaki Staff Bonding - Inclusive Society

6) Foundations and philanthropic organisations with alignment and interest in Solace's services and are keen on funding populations in need through Solace's services and programs

We would love to pitch a proposal to explore possible sources of funds and/or grant application with philanthropy giving.

Why collaborate through partnerships?

The issues we tackle at Solace with mental health are complex. As such, a collaborative ecosystem across sectors is crucial to bringing change. Corporate sectors have a significant and meaningful role in supporting communities struggling with mental health issues.

With intentional funding, engagement and cross-sector collaboration to make mental health services more accessible and affordable, underserved individuals and communities are provided with an opportunity to live an empowered life and heal from psychological struggles.

If you have any other partnership ideas or tips in mind that are not listed above and would like to explore partnership opportunities, feel free to get in touch with us below. We'd love to hear from you!

We look forward to engaging in meaningful partnerships to raise awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing, the benefits of art therapy and to contribute to a continued transformation of individuals by helping them heal from complex trauma.

The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept and practice of CSR are embedded in companies and organisations that take on the responsibility to care for societal issues in the community through their businesses and organisational culture in Singapore.

CSR is an important element in developing company ethics and contributes to "doing well by doing good". It aims to benefit businesses, employees, and the community by being socially responsible, embodying a Singapore 'kampong' spirit of giving.

To be successful in today's business climate, companies should take into consideration how they treat their employees as well as how they promote a sustainable, altruistic culture toward issues concerning their community.

Having a CSR program will help strengthen a business's image among those who work alongside the business.

Corporerate Social Responsibility - HOKA ONE-ONE-Workshop with Aidha

Here are some reasons why many Singapore businesses adopt a CSR strategy or programme:

1) Provides an avenue for the company to be actively involved in helping to solve society's challenges

2) Creates a company culture that is more attractive to employees

3) Brings about a moral obligation to do what is right by being socially responsible

4) Draws investments and consumers who are like-minded for sustainability

Singaporean businesses for CSR

Make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate and require mental health care and support with a CSR strategy.

Your support can help make mental health services more accessible and affordable. By giving back to these individuals, you are also encouraging them with an opportunity to reach their full potential and live an empowered life.

If you have an interest in creating a positive social impact, reach out to us to discuss how we can collaborate.


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