Employee Assistance Programme

Employee Assistance Programme EAP

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is designed to help employees with personal or work-related issues that might affect their job performance or emotional well-being.

EAP is a confidential service that provides employees access to free or low-cost mental health and wellbeing support by trained professionals.

Offering an established and comprehensive EAP as part of employee benefits package helps employees cope with personal issues such as family problems or work stress that might have a negative impact on their work performance. It also allows employers to identify any potential risks before they become serious problems and impact the productivity of the entire team.

EAP services are designed to improve the health and safety practices of companies and organisations by providing access to resources that keep employees safe in the workplace.

Assistance Programme for Employees Mental Health

The mental health of employees is important as it has a significant impact on their capacity to contribute effectively in both their personal and professional life.

Investing in workplace mental health fosters a supportive, healthy, and trusting workplace environment which in turn helps to boost the productivity of employees.

EAP helps employees identify at-risk behaviors, manage stressful events, meet important personal needs, and navigate workplace conflicts. Employers who take advantage of such initiatives supports their employees to be equipped at making better decisions in their professional lives.

We can tailor an Employee Assistance Programme that specifically suits your organisation requirements to improve your employee's mental wellness and performance.

As part of the EAP services, our experienced team of art psychotherapists supports employees and their wellbeing by providing them with a space to express their concerns, manage stress and develop emotional resilience. Benefits include improved staff engagements and work satisfaction.

At Solace Art Psychotherapy, we provide the following services depending on the requirements of your organisation:

  • confidential individual art psychotherapy sessions;
  • corporate wellness and wellbeing workshops (in-person and online);
  • and online webinars and online workshops.


We value all our clients' privacy and pride ourselves in establishing a safe and non-judgemental space so employees can explore and process any issues or challenges they face during sessions. Except in cases where disclosure is compelled by law, all information provided to us during sessions will be kept confidential.

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