Buvenasvari Pragasam, MA, AThR

MA in Art Therapy, BA in Psychology
Managing Director, Registered Art Therapist

Buvenasvari is a registered Art Therapist providing art therapy for adolescents and working adults from diverse circumstances. She previously conducted insightful art therapy sessions for female adolescents with complex trauma at a residential home and has worked with geriatric clients with profiles such as dementia, stroke survivors, Parkinson's disease and other chronic conditions at a nursing home. Having witnessed the progress of her clients, she is a motivated advocate and works with various organisations to aid their beneficiaries' healing processes. Before embarking on her art therapy journey, she was an Educational Therapist at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore and conducted literacy remediation for her students with specific learning differences.


Boo Xu Ning, MA, AThR

MA in Art Therapy, BA in Psychology
Registered Art Therapist

Xu Ning is a registered Art Therapist working with children and adults cope with complex trauma. Having graduated with a BA in Psychology, she continues to make art leisurely and seeks opportunities to incorporate art into her professional work as a research assistant and special needs educator. Her passion for psychology and art led her to pursue her Masters in Art Therapy at LASALLE, where she worked with clients struggling with addiction, as well as complex trauma in children and adults.

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