We provide professional mental health support for individual youth and adults, institutions and organisations.

Our registered art psychotherapists are experienced and trained to guide you through every step of the way in your therapy journey. Through our guidance, we are confident you will be able to identify and work through your difficulties.

For Individuals

Solace Art Psychotherapy provides trauma-informed art psychotherapy services for youth and adults. Our art psychotherapists are ready to journey with you to support you in processing emotional difficulties, heal from wounds, and reconnect with your true and authentic inner self. With our support and guidance, you will be able to develop emotional resilience and lead an empowered life.

For Organisations

We also offer programmes for organisations, institutions, and corporates who are interested to improve the mental well-being and wellness of their staff or beneficiaries. We conduct workshops, webinars, seminars as well as pilot runs for long-term projects. Let us know your needs and objectives, we are happy to tailor and design programmes to meet them.

Clients' Testimonials

"Today's session made me realise how much emotions I had within me still as I thought it wasn't affecting me cause I thought I was used to it. After today I see the need to face these emotions and issues I still have and find ways I can work better on them."

- Client's sharing after an individual art psychotherapy session

"Love the session and the small group size. Feels intimate and the space is set up so we feel safe and are able to share comfortably."

- Participant's feedback on workshop

"I learnt that I have become more willing to step out of my comfort zone to share about my struggles and trauma. In today's session I felt that I may be experiencing a transformation/renewal in my life. People may have layers within them in their lives and I believe they should be recognised."

- Client's sharing after an individual art psychotherapy session

"Thank you sosososo much it's my first step understanding and learning about what art can do to human. I just want to express how much I appreciate it as coming here has became one of my highlight / pivoting point to my "working towards passion / career" life. Thank you for staying with us after the session to answer and discuss with us our 100000000 questions on art therapy and being open in sharing insights."

- Participant's feedback on workshop

"Thank you for the enriching and life-changing therapy sessions. I am grateful I got to do this for myself."

- Client's sharing after an individual art psychotherapy session

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