Buvenasvari Pragasam, MA, AThS

Managing Director, Principal Art Psychotherapist,
Registered MOE Instructor, Clinical Supervisor
MA Art Therapy, BA Psychology

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Buvenasvari is a trauma-informed, registered art psychotherapist providing art psychotherapy for youth and adults from diverse circumstances. She has a myriad of experiences in facilitating individual and group art psychotherapy for youth and adult clients, supervision and training for fellow mental health professionals, and workshops for organisations and corporations.

She has extensive experience conducting insightful art psychotherapy sessions for youth with complex trauma at a residential home and has worked with geriatric clients with profiles such as dementia, stroke survivors, Parkinson's disease and other chronic conditions at a nursing home. Having witnessed the progress of her clients, she is a motivated advocate and works with various organisations to aid their beneficiaries' healing processes.

Before embarking on her art therapy journey, she was an Educational Therapist at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore and conducted literacy remediation for her students with specific learning differences.

She has also authored an art therapy-based resource book titled "Increase Self-Awareness: A 30-Day Practice," which was self-published by Solace Art Psychotherapy in 2023. Drawing inspiration from her personal journey, she felt compelled to create a resource book tailored for both youth and adults to embark on independently.

Presently, she is actively seeking opportunities to participate in conferences, where she aims to present and publish papers showcasing the findings accumulated throughout her extensive experience working with clients affected by complex trauma.

best art therapy, Our Team

Eugene Lim

Director, Development
BSc (Hons) in Business, Specl Dip SpLD

In Eugene's role as a Director, Development, he constantly strives to make both the internal and external experience as pleasant and seamless as possible. He helps build processes and systems to better support and enable therapists to strive for positive therapeutic outcomes. Eugene brings his experience in operational and administrative efficiency from his previous stint at an IPC trans-disciplinary therapy clinic for families of children with extraordinary needs.