Art Therapy & Self Care with Aphasia SG (31 August 2021)

Screenshot of art therapy and self care workshop with people with aphasia

31 August 2021

Art Therapy & Self Care Workshop with Aphasia Singapore

We were invited by Aphasia SG to conduct a webinar to share about self-care and how art can be used as part of a self-care routine. Our art psychotherapist, Boo Xu Ning (AThR), shared with participants on the 8 pillars of self-care, as well as the difference between art therapy and using art for therapeutic purposes during the session.

What is aphasia?
Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder impairing part or all of a person’s use of language. It happens when parts of the brain that control language are damaged, making it difficult for a person to speak, write, or understand words. It can occur suddenly, such as after a stroke (most common cause) or head injury, or brain surgery, or may develop more slowly, as the result of a brain tumor, brain infection, or neurological disorder such as dementia.

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Image Credits: Aphasia SG