Horses, Art, and More: Beyond Talk Therapy

World Mental Health Day with Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre Art Therapy

10 October 2021

Beyond Talk Therapy (World Mental Health Day)

We were invited by Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre on World Mental Health Day to be part of a talkshow together with other professionals who shared about mental health interventions, treatments and activities related to their field of work.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre for recognising the need to highlight unconventional mental health interventions to the public by inviting us and fellow professionals to this talkshow.

We are honoured to have shared the stage and panel with:
• Kashmeera from SAMH, who discussed how dance and movement can foster expression and connections;
• Rosie McGowan, who explained how theatre and drama tools are used in applied theatre to explore topics or issues at a group or community level; and
• Yah Mei from Equal-Ark, who shared about equine-assisted learning and how it can build resilience and inclusive communities.

We also want to thank Sherman from Happiness Initiative for being such a wonderful host, as well as Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre for organising such a successful talkshow!

Watch the replay here, to learn more about art psychotherapy, the difference between therapy and therapeutic and other mental health interventions available.