Insights into Art Therapy & Self

Insights into Art Therapy & Self

6 Sep 2020

Creating or doing art does not equate to art therapy.

As certified art therapists, we often see companies and people being misled into thinking that art therapy is an art and craft lesson. Hence, this interactive session was designed to educate you on the difference between art therapy and therapeutic art activities. This online session will take you on a journey of self-discovery through an introduction to art therapy and how it can benefit you or people you care about. There will be hands-on activities, self-care tips and exercises, evidence-based information and case-sharing.

Art therapy is a mental health service that helps enhance and strengthen one's mental health and well-being. Art therapy is especially useful and beneficial for anyone who might have:

  • difficulties verbalising or expressing themselves;
  • experienced shame, grief or trauma;
  • trouble regulating emotions;
  • challenges breaking a habit or addiction;
  • relationship, confidence or esteem issues;
  • anger management, anxiety or depression

Topics covered during the online session:

  • Introduction to Art Therapy
  • The Science Behind how Art Therapy Works
  • Understanding Self through Art Therapy
  • Misconceptions about Art Therapy

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