International Art Therapists Meetup

International Art Therapists Meetup

20 June 2020

We had a deep and meaningful session with fellow art therapists from around the world and are thankful for this safe (virtual) space where we could all "hold" each other.

This platform allowed us to realise that we are not alone in the adversities and challenges we face and that others across the world may have somewhat similar experiences too. It has provided us with so much comfort during such challenging times.

We rounded up the session with a response art created in the shape of a leaf to express and share our thoughts and feelings. Digital vines were added to signify adaptability, determination, making connections and constantly expanding.

Our message to all art therapists out there - keep that spark bright and fire within you burning! As humans, we are created to be adaptable and will rise to the occasion. The work we do is so niche, yet so important in helping others be the best versions of themselves.