International Art Therapists Meetup

International Art Therapists Meetup Solace

1 May 2020

During the circuit breaker period, one of our team members suggested for a casual "peer support group" with art therapists from around the world to form stronger connections and to support and learn from each other especially in such unprecedented times.

Art therapists from the UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Canada and South Africa joined us in this online gathering. We spoke about the current situation of the pandemic in our country of practice and talked about the challenges we faced delivering teletherapy.

It was encouraging to hear different perspectives from others and how we could adopt a more positive outlook during this period of time.

We ended the meetup with a short art-making activity where each of us created an artwork on a triangular piece of paper that would eventually form a bunting. It was amazing to see many of us had common shapes and objects reflected in our artwork. If there was a word we could use to describe this would be - interconnectedness. It was truly heart-warming to know we were still somehow connected despite being far away and through a screen.

Thank you, fellow art therapists, who managed to make it to our first virtual meetup. Your presence and sharing have made this a fruitful session.

Click here if you are interested to find out how the idea of this virtual meetup was conceived.