Insights into Art Therapy & Self (28 April 2021)


28 April 2021

Insights into Art Therapy & Self Workshop (April 2021)

As certified art therapists, we see many companies and people being misled into thinking that art therapy is an art and craft lesson. Hence, we created this interactive session to educate on the difference between art therapy and therapeutic art activities.

The workshop includes evidence-based information about art therapy; hands-on activities, self-care tips and exercises, case-sharing and FAQs.

119 participants have benefited from our sessions over the last year. Here are some of their feedback after attending our sessions:

"Less prompting compared to traditional therapy. Amazing to see how subconsciousness telling us what. Enjoyable to hear about others"

"Thank you sosososo much it's my first step understanding and learning about what art can do to human. I just want to express how much I appreciate it as coming here has became one of my highlight / pivoting point to my "working towards passion / career" life. Thank you for staying with us after the session to answer and discuss with us our 100000000 questions on art therapy and being open in sharing insights."

Topics covered during the online session:

  • Introduction to Art Therapy
  • The Science Behind how Art Therapy Works
  • Understanding Self through Art Therapy
  • Misconceptions about Art Therapy

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