Volunteer briefing for LOVE, NILS

Oct 25, 2018

LOVE, NILS has warmly invited Solace Art Psychotherapy to collaborate on a pilot program - provision of open art studio sessions to outpatients at a local hospital. On 18th October 2018, Solace Art Psychotherapy facilitated a volunteer briefing session prior to the start of open art studio sessions to share what art therapy is, what an open art studio is like, what to expect, what roles do they play in such a session and so forth.

One of our art therapists conducted a short experiential to give volunteers an insight on some of the emotions that the patients may feel. Despite initial fears about artmaking, everyone dove in and eventually eased into the artmaking process.

The session ended on a great note as both Solace Art Psychotherapy and the volunteers had opportunities to learn more about one another before working together. Looking forward to working with this group of enthusiastic and proactive volunteers during sessions!

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